Rose Slayer

Information about the universe of Rose Slayer.

Will this story be free indefinitely?

This site is supported by ads, so as long as I can afford to continue doing it, then I will.

What is Rose Slayer X?

Rose Slayer X is the title given to the Frilly Pink bonus version of Rose Slayer.  It is the exact same story that you get for free, except that on Frilly Pink, it is twice the page size (1200 px wide) and I update it in advance (at least one page ahead).

Frilly Pink is a subscription site that pays artists for their work.  By subscribing there, you support artists like myself.  You can also read the other hentai stories I have put up there.

What is the VampYou exclusive?

VampYou commissioned me to do four prequel short-stories about how each of the maids became a vampire, and they published these stories through their site.  If you’re interested, you can sign up for VampYou (I believe it’s $9.99).

How does it relate to Lavender Legend?

Rose Slayer came about because ever since I began working for Filthy Figments, fans started to ask me, are you going to do an adults-only comic about Lavender Legend?  I was resistant to the idea (despite popular demand) because it wouldn’t work within the story for various reaons. So, I made up this wild alternate universe thing where the characters look similar but they are different, they have different names, and nothing is related.

Why vampires?

I think I played Castlevania too much, and.  Well, there you are.

How do Rose Slayer vampires work?

As soon as you create a vampire story, there’s always inquiries on how they operate.  So, here it is.

Lavandula is one of the original vampires created by the Golden God, which is evident by her bright gold hair.  Alexandros (who appeared in the VampYou exclusive comics) is another one.  The total number of these creatures is unknown.  These vampires were never human and can’t be killed or turned back into a human.

These golden vampires can turn humans into lower-class vampires with lesser powers.  They can’t turn a human against their will, but they can be very persuasive.  Their bite has an opiate effect, which numbs the pain and  causes a sense of euphoria.  Only the first fraction of a second hurts, and the rest is quite enjoyable.

A “turned” vampire is much less powerful than their master, but still has the same basic traits and abilities.  They’re able to project shadows that allow them to grab or fight.  Turned vampires can be killed, although through extraordinary means (such as complete burning of the entire body).  They can’t turn other humans.

Blood is not a necessity for a vampire’s survival, but without it they will gradually lose their strength and become lethargic.  They eventually fall into a comatose state.  Golden-haired vampires such as Lavandula will lose the color in their hair and skin until they turn completely white.  But with just a little bit of blood, a vampire can stay healthy, and so killing humans is not necessary.   The hunger for blood can be ravenous though, and this can result in a vampire over-feeding, which can easily kill a human.

Vampires can eat food, but they don’t get sustenance from it.  They don’t feel hungry or full, so they mostly eat pleasurable foods for the taste alone (like Lavandula’s chocolate).  It is digested slowly, as well.  They can accidentally gorge themselves and be sick for a while, so eating normal food has to be done carefully.

Vampires also have a strong sexual appetite.  They are sexually empathic, meaning that acts performed on another will stimulate them as well.  Like human blood, the act of sexually satisfying a human gives them strength and vitality.   In this sense, the vampires of Rose Slayer are similar to the succubus/incubus.