Hi, welcome to Lovexcore.com, the home of Rose Slayer.

About me

I’m a female artist and writer who goes by the screen name of Glance. I began drawing comics with the epic fantasy adventure Emerald Winter, and later the gender-bending dramedy Lavender Legend. I also created Thorn Prince, an adult comic that runs exclusively on Filthy Figments. I’ve also done artwork for Ship in a Bottle and various other comics.

Lovexcore is a side project designed to give people a sample of my adult work, and just generally have fun doing silly, sexy stuff. Nothing here is canon to anything else, and it should never be taken seriously.

About the Site

This comic updates whenever I have time between projects.  I try to make it at least twice per month. If you like my work and you’d like to read a more regularly updating story, I’d suggest subscribing to Filthy Figments, where I update stories like Thorn Prince consistently. There are plenty of other lovely stories there as well.

About Rose Slayer

Rose Slayer is the primary comic on the site.  It is a vampire story about a vampire hunter (Felix) who is to defeat an evil vampire.  He discovers the castle is filled not with ghouls and demons, but with sexy maid girls who serve the seductive vampire queen, Lavandula.

Thanks for coming, and please enjoy.