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It has been a long time since I updated, and a few people were asking what happened to me.

In the last year, I’ve had some financial hardships that force me into going back to work full-time as a retail associate instead of pursuing my (much preferred) career as an artist and web designer.  I’ve been doing an overwhelming amount of hours between that job and my ongoing work at Filthy Figments since November, and haven’t been able to work on my free comics like Rose Slayer as much.  Even though I enjoy the hell out of drawing it, I just haven’t been able to make the time.

Recently I put in an adjustment to work less hours so that I can focus on my art again, and I hope that within a month or two, I’ll have enough free time to update this comic again.

The subscription site Frilly Pink has closed its doors, so I’ll be posting the materials from that site to as well as Hentai Foundry and Y-Gallery.    I hope that you’ll enjoy these additions, and I hope to be updating again soon.