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I thought you guys might like to know that Frilly Pink is officially open!

My friends and I have opened our own subscription site where you can help support us as artists, and also get some quality pornorifficness.


My first contribution to the site is a 3-page comic called Rightful King.  It is a parody of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


I’m currently working on a story called Brave OT3; which is a parody of Tales of Vesperia.

We also have the wonderful Prettio, and many other artists in the works.

We have just started so there’s not a whole lot of content just yet, but if you join early, you can take advantage of our request board before anyone else and if you’re into adult content and sex toys there are great resources online for this.  On our request forum, you essentially get a full commission at no additional cost–a service for which I would normally charge at least $50.