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Hey, everybody.  I just wanted to explain again about our ads.  I know that they make the side of the site a bit of an eyesore, but the little bit of money I get from these ads supports the site’s cost and the work I put into it.

There are a lot of good deals on these pages.  If you sign up for CutePet, Kevin Taylor’s Showcase, Jiggly Girls, or Hentai TNA, you get access to all of these sites (and more) as a package deal.

If you sign up for Vixene, then you can sign up for Bloody Sugar at a great discount. It’s a great deal if you’re into furries and/or vampires.

All these sites are original content by artists like myself. So when you sign up–they get money, I get money, and you get awesome fappable art and comics, so it’s a big win for everybody.